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We're sorry to tell you that Envision Radio Networks has notified Radio George that Classic Rock Live will no longer be available for listening on the Internet, due to changes caused by a switch to distribution by satellite. The last Classic Rock Live show on Radio George will be available for listening from 7 pm EDT Friday, June 16 through 7 pm EDT Friday June 23. (Revised date-one final show was added.)

We're working on finding a replacement for you. Sign up for the free newsletter (use link above) to be notified when a new channel is available with your favorite music here on Radio George.

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 Classic Rock Live Host Pierre Robert
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Classic Rock Live offers you two new hours every week! Shows change every Friday evening. Just hit the Play button for the hour of your choice on any of the jukebox players below, and  you're good to go. The music of yesterday and the technology of today make for a great listening experience.

Classic Rock Live incorporates ten or more live performances from a variety of artists every hour, featuring rare and exclusive live versions of rock classics from such artists as Tom Petty, Aerosmith, The Who, U2, Eric Clapton, Jimi Hendrix and Stevie Ray Vaughan. Each week, Classic Rock Live includes the latest tour and artist news along with the exclusive “Wish You Were There” segment, which highlights rock and roll dream pairings such as Jimmy Page joining Aerosmith on-stage or Roger Waters joined by Eric Clapton. Rarities are played in the Unreleased Live segment and the radio show ends each week with an Encore, featuring the iconic hits that you’ll always find in each band’s set list.

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The best thing about listening to Classic Rock Live on Radio George is that you can listen to the whole show, or hours 1 or 2 anytime you like, That means you've got a full week to catch the entire show at your convenience!

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Pierre Robert

Classic Rock Live host Pierre Robert has been the afternoon drive host at heritage Philadelphia area rock station WMMR-FM for nearly 30 years. A consummate radio professional and concert aficionado, Robert has attended more than a thousand shows all over the globe. No one is better suited to bring an audience great classic rock moments and personal experiences from the most renowned tours.









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