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The Story of Blue Christmas

Jay Johnson is one of the co-creators of Blue Christmas, and the story of how he came to write the song sounds like it could have come straight out of the movies--but it's for real!.

Dean Kay has made that story available on one of his web pages, with an excerpt from the book The Stories Behind Country Music's All-Time Greatest 100 Songs.

Take a few minutes while you're listening to Son of Revenge of the Blue Christmas and Click Here for the entertaining story of one of the best-known holiday songs of all time.





The Saga Continues...

If you haven't yet read how it all began, you probably should Click Here to learn the backstory and then return to this page.

It was the morning of Saturday, September 19 of 2009. I was checking my email and the subject line of the email--Revenge of the Blue Christmas--struck me as oddly out of place and out of time. And what I read in that email just floored me! Here's what it said:

Hi George: 

Just ran across your "Revenge of the Blue Christmas" page on the Net.  I'm the guy who put together the Blue Christmas promo album you used,  when I worked for Lawrence Welk,  who owned the copyright at the time.

My association with the song ended when Welk got out of the publishing business 19 years ago-- until August of this year when I took over the the administration of the publishing rights, now owned by the estate of one of the writers, Jay Johnson.

Harking back to the old days, and before knowing about your page, I have added a lot of info about the song on my site:


What you've done is much cooler that what I've done.

I love your story about how you used the old promo package ... That's what I was hoping would be one of the ways it might be used.  Glad I didn't destroy your career.

At any rate, thanks for helping keep Blue Christmas alive ... It's a great Christmas song ... and they just aren't making them any more.

All the best,

Dean Kay
Demi Music Corp.
4215 W Hood Av
Burbank, CA 91505-4015

Amazing! After more than twenty years, the missing details appear as if by magic in my email. The power of the Internet.

Thank you, Dean, for writing to provide me and Radio George listeners all over the world with the story of the album that started it all. And extra thanks for YOUR website, preserving even more Blue Christmas history--and fun!

George Woods

2010 UPDATE: Radio George was able to acquire even more versions of Blue Christmas this year, and was able to expand this "sequel" channel to include versions by both great contemporary performers and artists you've probably never heard of! Make sure your friends know about it, and enjoy the most different all-Christmas music stations on the planet.

Performers - Son of Revenge of the Blue Christmas

 Adrian Baker Andrea Bocelli Anna & Kate McGarrigle
 Bluegrass Allstars Brian Hyland Carolyn Sills
 Christmas Acoustica Christmas Hit Band Christmas Hitters
 Davis Phelps Derrick Stout Quartet Dustin Kensrue
 Evil Beaver Gary Hoey George Canyon
 Great White Hank Thompson Houston Person
 Jeff Collins Jerome Pearce Joe Mannino
 John Denver John Holt Kidz Bop Kids
 Knightsbridge Larry Butler Leon Redbone
 Mark Howard Martin Nievera Michael Hill
 MIDIFineSystems Mike Stone Nicole Atkins
 Paul Brooks Ray Stevens REO Speedwagon
 Rick Simonelli Ricky van Shelton Robert E Lee
 Robert Gordon Smokey Super Blue & The Love Band
 The Brian Setzer Orchestra The Christmas Hit Makers The Del McCoury Band
 The Emeralds The Hit Company The Mavericks
 The Mistletoe Singers The New Black Eagle Jazz Band The Partridge Family
 Vio Friedmann Waldir Silva Winter Wonderlanders
 Xmas Spirit Party Band Yuletide Lounge Band  

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