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If That Ain't Country Show Host Western Red
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From Conway Twitty, Loretta Lynn and George Jones to Alan Jackson, Randy Travis and George Strait, every week If That Ain't Country features the very best in traditional country music from the biggest charting artists and singles, with a few gems that radio hasn't worn out. With a genuine love, deep knowledge and respect for the roots of country music, If That Ain't Country isn't your average classic country radio show - combining unique segments, anecdotes and commentary, Western Red taps into the authenticity and rich story-telling heritage of country music with a mix you'll find nowhere else - and all with a uniquely Aussie approach to a US tradition.

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Western Red was born in the US state of Alaska to an American father and Australian mother. He moved to Australia as a young boy. Some of the first songs he remembers hearing on the stereo were from the country new-traditionalist movement, including Alan JacksonClint Black and Randy Travis


Some Australian country acts shaped his upbringing, but as the mainstream country music scene internationally shifted more towards pop/rock, the influences behind the new-traditionalist movement became more and more relevant. Faron YoungBuck OwensGeorge JonesErnest TubbLoretta LynnConnie Smith, and many more came onto the radar and shaped Red's love for the real deal. 


Frustrated with how far modern country music had strayed from its roots, Western Red founded If That Ain't Country in 2012 with a desire to keep traditional country music viable and relevant, to make sure country music in it's purest forms is still alive and kicking. 

If you're a  fan who wants to go back every now and then to a time when country music was country, If That Ain't Country is the show for you!

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