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So just what is a one-hit wonder? It's a song that placed on  Billboard magazine's top 50 listing , or top 40, or top whatever-cutoff-rank you-like in a certain year.....and after that, the singer(s) never had another hit that rated that high again--ever.  It seems that everyone who loves oldies has at least one or two OHW's they remember forever. And that's why this channel was created.

When I started to research these songs, I was stunned to learn that using "Top 40" as the cutoff point, between 1955-1975, there were over 500 one-hit wonders! I decided to use the Top 20 as the ranking requirement, because there were a lot of songs ranked between 21-40 that were just plain duds (and would have meant a lot of channels of songs that were real duds!)

And simple logic dictates that the grouping by various years be done according to the sound of the music. Hits from 1955 just don't have the same sound as those from the 60's or 70's.

A comment on music and the times? Notice what might be called the uneven distribution of one-hit wonders by year. Some years had a lot of memorable songs that were big one-time hits, others did not. That's why the channels are a little uneven in time spans.

Now, use the handy links below and get ready for another fun trip down memory lane with some great music!


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