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The definition of "radio" is changing so much that the concept of Internet Radio isn't as controversial or downright crazy as it might have seemed when the 'Net first became an everyday part of life.


Consider this: satellite radio is much more of a reality than AM/FM (terrestrial) radio ever thought it would be. ipods and iphones have become the listening method of choice for millions of people, younger and older. And both XM/Sirius satellite radio and ipods have only been around since 2001!

Traditional radio stations stream/broadcast on the Internet, side-by-side with 100% Internet stations, some of which are  full-time and others, part-time or on demand. Is it radio or is it a listening service?
And do listeners really care, if they're getting what they want?


Radio George, the Internet talk radio operation I launched in March, 2006, never really got a chance to take off. It evaporated when I was offered an opportunity that seemed too good to be true on AM talk radio in  St. Louis. That opportunity turned out to be exactly that--too good to be true!

Fast-forward to summer of 2007after a return to Kansas City. To my surprise, a number of people in both my personal life and the radio industry suggested I bring Radio George back. But after that first short incarnation, the talk stations in Kansas City had already seen the light and added streaming to their operations. After much thought, I came up with a number of ideas for Radio George, and decided to concentrate on some specialized music formats that were no longer being offered in the Kansas City radio market.

A couple of weeks after I launched Radio George, the listening stats showed only a handful of listeners. Considering how much effort and outlay went into the operation, I was depressed and decided to wait until the end of the month to see if things picked up at all. Two weeks later, the stats showed thousands of listeners in hundreds of locations!

The viral power of the Internet had come through for Radio George! The word had spread about the unique offerings available and people told their friends, who told their friends, who told THEIR friends and...well, you get the idea!

Today, listeners in more than 4,000 cities in over 140 countries and nations are tuning in regularly and writing to say how much they enjoy Radio George all over the world.

Radio George is on-demand Internet radio with some very special features:

  • No songs are repeated across individual Real Oldies and Smooth Jazz channels, offering an incredible variety of music.
  • When you click on any link or any graphic ad for more information, the music of Radio George goes with you as look at that page! Your listening enjoyment is never interrupted.
  • Need to take a quick break? Need to take a break for a little while? Use the pause control and resume listening right where you left off!

Check out the great variety of channels on Radio George and let me know what you think and what you like by sending me an e-mail. Write Here


Better yet, tell your family, friends and co-workers to tune in Radio George.com and hear what they've been missing.

Welcome to the New World of Internet Radio - Radio George!

George Woods

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