Advertising on Radio George

A Dynamic Way to Build Better, Stronger Relationships with Your Customers


The Best Advertising Creates
Long-term Relationships

Imagine being able to say to your clients or customers "Look what I've done for you!" almost every day. Picture the people you do business with actively seeking out  the media in which you advertise!

That's the unique marketing model afforded to you by Radio George.


Your Radio George Benefits:

  • Proven way to build and strengthen customer loyalty

  • Low cost for maximum exposure

  • Radio George's own marketing to help introduce new clients to your business

You want to reach a highly targeted audience with above average disposable income. That's exactly who Radio George aims at with its various formats and presentation.

Promotions and Events

Radio George
offers contests from time to time based on its musical formats to create excitement, as well as to grow its newsletter membership list. Each newsletter affords the opportunity to have your business mentioned, and even more prominently when you participate in special Radio George promotions.

Radio George
will he happy to discuss any special promotions you may have for your business or organization, including on-site Radio George music for your event.


Let's Talk

Naturally, this is just a quick overview of how Radio George can become a dynamic part of your marketing program. Call or email to set up a short, informal meeting so you can learn all the details about how Radio George can work for you. You'll be pleased!

Call (913) 310-0075 or send email using our handy spam-free form.



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