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Koop Kooper

Please pour yourself a drink and make yourself comfortable for your introduction to the silken-voiced Mr. Koop Kooper.

This swank gentleman is the host of the Cocktail Nation – a lounge and exotica show from his penthouse in Sydney.

Each week Kooper talks to the movers and shakers of the lounge and tiki scene and plays the very best in swingin’ tunes.

He is a DJ, writer & voiceover artist, and known around Sidney town as a hepster who is always on the lookout for some crazy music. He mostly listens to lounge and exotica and loves the new stuff that is coming out these days in what is a vibrant scene.

Kooper has been an avid collector of late fifties and early sixties furniture for over fifteen years now and has some truly amazing pieces. Clothing is naturally something that this swinger digs and he firmly believes that a well-dressed man should be a well-dressed man in vintage threads at all times, and not just on weekends.

This is a man who can cut a rug when required but more than likely this swingin’ animal is most likely found propping up the bar. His diet includes the famed blue martini and most finger foods. Working in the media as he does, he is often pictured at A-list events and is often likely to turn up at the opening of...a letter.

Must be why the ladies like him…he’s manly, but well dressed, and boy, can he pack a punch!









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