Who's Got the Oldies ?

A Special Contest Exclusively for Radio George Newsletter Subscribers

Win $25 of no-strings-attached CASH
in the fun contest that's easy to play!

How It Works:

First, watch for the announcement of an upcoming contest in the monthly newsletter. Contests are held at random throughout the year.

Then, use the link provided in the newsletter to go to the page with the photograph of the mystery diner. Here's an example from August of 2009:

If you recognize the diner or just want to take a guess, you fill in the form that appears right below the picture:

And that's it!

One winner is selected at random from all correct entries received. Winners will be notified by email and announced in the newsletter of the month following the month in which the contest is held. You must be a subscriber to the monthly newsletter to enter. Not a subscriber yet? Sign Up Now!

Oh, yes....where is the mystery diner used in this example? Click Here to find out.

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