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  Carl Perkins Blue Suede Shoes
  Caterina Valente The Breeze And I
  Cathy Carr Ivory Tower
  Chuck Miller The House Of Blue Lights
  DeJohn Sisters (My Baby Don't Love Me) No More
  Don Robertson The Happy Whistler
  Eddie Cooley & the Dimples Priscilla
  Four Voices Lovely One
  Helmut Zacharias When the White Lilacs Bloom Again
  Ivory Joe Hunter Since I Met You Baby
  Jane Powell True Love
  Joan Weber Let Me Go Lover
  Joe Valino The Garden Of Eden
  Johnny Ace Pledging My Love
  Johnny Maddox The Crazy Otto
  Julie London Cry Me A River
  Kit Carson Band Of Gold
  Lenny Dee Plantation Boogie
  Morris Stoloff Moonglow And Theme From Picnic
  Priscilla Wright The Man In The Raincoat
  Sanford Clark The Fool
  Sonny Knight Confidential
  Teddi King Mr. Wonderful
  The Cadets Stranded In The Jungle
  The El Dorados At My Front Door
  The Penguins Earth Angel (Will You Be Mine?)
  The Sunnysiders Key Mr. Banjo
  The Teen Queens Eddie My Love

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