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  Bill Parsons The All American Boy
  Billy Grammer Gotta Travel On
  Bo Diddley Say Man
  Chris Barber Petite Fleur
  Dodie Stevens Pink Shoe Laces
  Edward Byrnes / Connie Stevens Kookie Kookie (Lend Me Your Comb)
  Ernie Fields In The Mood
  Falcons You're So Fine
  Floyd Robinson Makin' Love
  Frankie Ford Sea Cruise
  The Impalas Sorry (I Ran All The Way Home)
  Ivo Robic Morgen
  Jerry Keller Here Comes Summer
  Jesse Lee Turner Little Space Girl
  Nina Simone I Loves You Porgy
  Phil Phillips Sea Of Love
  Preston Epps Bongo Rock
  Reg Owen Manhattan Spiritual
  Stonewall Jackson Waterloo
  The Bell-Notes I've Had It
  The Fiestas So Fine
  The Mystics Hushabye
  The Rock-A-Teens Woo-Hoo
  The Virtues Guitar Boogie Shuffle
  Thomas Wayne Tragedy
  Travis & Bob Tell Him No

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