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6/20/16 - There are some player modifications in the works, which will be completed soon. Some of these changes include major improvement to the audio quality on all channels. If you would like to keep posted on the changes and are not yet receiving the free Radio George newsletter (special editions come out when changes are made you should know about), sign up using the handy link above.
Let's use the oldies player for this illustration. The smooth jazz and variety players use the same controls.

As you may be aware, the player starts automatically when you open any Radio George channel page. When you return to listen to a channel again, the songs will play in a different order, so you'll be treated to the music you love with a great deal of variety!

There may be a pause of a few seconds before any song starts playing. This is natural. That pause helps to insure the highest level of audio quality for you.

If any information (title, artist name, album/CD name) is too long to fit on a single line in the player's display area, that information will scroll continuously, so you'll always be able to catch all of it!


Note: When you move your cursor over any of the control buttons, it will turn into a little hand with a finger pointing, which you use to select the control you want to use.

   Move ahead to next song

   PLAY. This indicates a song is playing, which is the automatic default when the channel starts up.

To pause, click on the play button. The music will stop and the button display will change to look like this: 

When you want to resume playing, click it again, and it will change back to and the song will resume.

  STOP. If you choose this option,  the music will stop and the play button will change to .

To resume, you will need to click on it to start the music playing again, BUT be aware that because you have chosen to STOP the song, it will start again from the beginning. There's usually a delay of a few seconds for it to reset.


If you need to take a break from listening,

(1) Click on which will change to and pause the playback.

(2) To continue, click on which will change into
     and the music will resume.



The best way to get more (or less) volume, of course, is to use your computer's audio controls.

But there is a way to fine-tune your listening even more.

The white bar next to the little speaker on the control panel is a volume control. Usually, it will occupy the entire space over to the far right side. It's shown here a little shorter than that for illustration.

To turn the volume up or down, position your cursor (which will change into the little pointing hand, as shown) to the end of the white bar and move it to the left to lower the volume or to the right to increase it.

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