The Amazing Story of the Video Jukebox

Laserdisc?      No.
DVD?             Nope.
Ipod?             Nah.
DVR?            Not even close!


In the U.S., the original video jukebox was a machine like a jukebox that played records, but instead showed videos. You could find them in bars and clubs in a few East Coast cities from 1964-1969. They were not called video jukeboxes, but went by the name that had made them a huge sensation in France and Europe: Scopitone.

The really amazing thing about those first music videos (sorry, MTV) is that the original public player presentation was made in Chicago--in 1939!

Now, Radio George brings back the idea, thanks to the Internet and your computer!

Here are some links with more info on the world's first video jukebox and best of all, some actual video jukebox videos a look at what  the Scopitone looked like:

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